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    Your specialist for hydraulic cylinders

    We are a family-managed, specialist company involved in hydraulic cylinders, with experience in construction and manufacture acquired over decades. In our work, at central focus in particular is our enthusiasm for technology and the satisfaction of our customers. Both special and standard cylinders, products made to specification and high volumes, as well as repair and modification, Staudt-Hydraulik is your competent point of contact for everything involving the hydraulic cylinder.

    Excerpt from our portfolio:

    Special cylinder

    Special cylinder

    Hydraulic cylinder in servo-implementation for the alignment of wide strips.

    Large cylinder (Heavy-duty cylinder)

    Large cylinder
    (Heavy-duty cylinder)

    Hydraulic cylinder, Ø 850 - 1380 mm stroke, with a pressure 17,000 KN for multiple-tier heating presses.


    Norm and standard cylinder

    Hydraulic cylinder compatible with all regulatory works, such as DIN, ISO, CETOP or steel / hydraulic-engineering standards etc.

    Series cylinder

    Series cylinder

    Closing force cylinder, Ø 300/140 - 280 mm stroke, employed as drawing cylinder in hydraulic press systems.


    hydraulic cylinder

    Stretch cylinder, Ø 450/250 - 800 mm stroke, both-side, adjustable, end-position damping, for the alignment of aluminium profiles.

    Synchronous cylinder

    Synchronous cylinder

    Hydraulic cylinder with double-side, piston rod and mechanical change of the stroke position, for foaming and laminating systems in the automotive sector.

    Telescopic cylinder

    Telescopic cylinder

    3-stage, double-acting, hydraulic cylinder, if small installation spaces require large strokes.

    Single-acting hydraulic cylinder

    hydraulic cylinder

    Short-stroke plunger cylinder for employment in the hot area of a vulcanising press.

    Hydraulic cylinder according to ATEX

    Hydraulic cylinder according to ATEX

    Products manufactured according to EC Directive 94/9/EG enable operation in explosion-hazard areas.

    Tubular piston cylinder

    Tubular piston cylinder

    Hydraulic cylinder with through-passing piston rod and hollow-ground piston for nozzle adjustment on plastics processing machines.

    Cascade cylinder

    Cascade cylinder

    Hydraulic cylinder with double-piston arrangement for the generation of high pulling forces.

    Hydraulic cylinder of stainless steel

    Hydraulic cylinder
    of stainless steel

    Differential cylinder with fan sounding-oscillator for the profile cross-section measurement of canals.

    Driving • Controlling • Moving

    As a special company and manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders, we operate on a floor area of about 5000 m². Within several building sections, we have provided for about 1600 m² production floor area, as well as 250 m² administrative floor area.

    Within our production facilities, a co-ordinated interplay between the human labour force and modern technology is possible. Thus experienced employees and a fully-equipped machine layout create products which satisfy the desires of our customers. In particular we are of the opinion that close co-operation between the development, construction and manufacturing sectors, as well as experience acquired over decades, ensure that our hydraulic cylinders are quality products.

    Moody Zertifiziert nach ISO 9001e

    In addition, as one of the first manufacturers of our order of magnitude, we introduced the certified quality management system in the year 2001, in agreement with the standard DIN EN ISO 9001 for sectors involving development, construction and manufacture. Thus the manufacture and control-check facilities at our main works guarantee the highest level of quality for all hydraulic cylinders.

    Both special and standard cylinders, products made to specification and high volumes, as well as repair and modification: Our modern manufacture, installation and testing systems, as well as welding procedures, tested according to DIN EN ISO 15614-1, and the employment of qualified welders tested according to DIN EN ISO 14732, guarantee exceptional products. Furthermore, crane systems with up to 20 tons lifting force and installation locations with under-floor stations enable the installation of heavy and long component parts. This makes us especially flexible as a manufacturer involved in hydraulics.

    With modern, high-performance test aggregates, all hydraulic cylinders are subjected to a comprehensive pressure and functional test. A coating system enables the painting of different products in all RAL colours. Special painting jobs are additionally possible, such as e.g. for applications in the offshore sector.

    Staudt-Hydraulik GmbH & Co. KG | Ottostr. 8 | 52511 Geilenkirchen | Phone: 02451 8037 | Fax. 02451 66679 | info[at]